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Natal Chart Reading – Your Personal Relationship to Time and Space

Have you ever noticed subtle patterns in your inner and outer world that seem to reoccur- be they physical, emotional, mental, or even environmental, that usher you into certain kinds of actions and relationships- to yourself, others, or even places on earth? Have you ever wondered if you could foresee when certain kinds of opportunities or experiences would be main players in your life? Are you contemplating a major change in career or relationship and want clarity about how everything fits together?

Here we use your natal horoscope as a guide to assess your experience of the ebb and flow of karma and it’s results. With it we can determine favorability and approximate timing for certain life happenings (like marriage, children, career, travel, etc.) as well as the places on our earth (astrocartography) that will support these opportunities. We recommend this initial reading to begin all calculations of your chart that will come to bear on any relationship analysis, mahurta, or on-site Vastu. Please note that readings can be done in person at Desha or over the phone/zoom. $200 USD


If your exact time of birth is unknown, yet certain to be within a 4 hour period (e.g. sometime in the afternoon), we will need to arrange a birth chart rectification, wherein we will require that you provide us with a timeline of a few major life events. These will be used to narrow down your moment of birth, thereby creating a chart for you. By pinning significant life events to relevant heavenly events, we’ll tie down the horoscope to accurately reflect life’s experiences. $300 USD

Relationship/Partnership Analysis

Here we view multiple horoscopes to assess relationship dynamics for a better understanding of supportive and obstructive factors. This type of reading can be for couples, family members, and even business partnerships. $300 USD


This type of astrology is aimed at selecting specific times to begin major life events like marriage, the launch of a business, or the sale of a home, etc. Muhūrta is akin to launching your ship when the tides are right, giving you a jump start filled with vital energy and supportive momentum. The exact time selected will incorporate your natal horoscope and transits. Please note that larger time spans for selection will have greater possibilities. Please plan ahead. $200 USD

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