Jyotisha- The Astrology of India

We reflect the whole

India’s ancient sages saw that just as each small part of the cosmos was a reflection of the whole, so too the whole could reflect each of its parts.  With this vision, they looked to the arrangement of heavenly bodies at the moment of one’s birth to “see” the nature of that individual’s karma, or causal force, that as effect, would align and sequence real world relationships and events, formatting an individual’s journey through life.

The moment of birth is special because it is the first moment when time, space, and  individuality align for a being.  It is the moment when we become established as separate from another, our unity seemingly divided, and our own path given definition.

The horoscope for the moment of birth is a one of a kind, reflecting a unique, momentary arrangement of planets and stars in the heavens.  In this way, each human path is a spark of the same divine creativity that orients the cosmos.  This allows for ever greater multiplicity amid creation.

Life’s Compass

We move in a realm of ever greater multiplicity, yet certain events happen over and over again.  Occasions like marriage, attainment of property, establishment of wealth, path of education, or proclivity towards certain careers, are reflected in particular heavenly combinations.  These combinations speak to the type of karmic patterns with which an individual has momentum.

With Jyotisha, we define experiences in terms of mathematical, and characterized relationships among the planets.  These, we refer to as destiny patterns.  The time honored destiny patterns of Jyotisha are like the hands of a compass.  They allow us to recognize the different paths that align with a person based on their karmic momentum.  As such, they can help define and promote an understanding of where the deepest grooves of proclivity lie, and whether those grooves are supportive or obstructive to any areas of life.

A Jyotisha reading will address these unique patterns of destiny that give rise to our opportunities, talents, and position in life.  Areas of interest during a reading often include: marriage and partnership trends, education and career direction, finance and ownership, health and well being, travel opportunities, children and family, and the timing of spiritual pilgrimage.

Planning life with a map of karma

The chart of the moment of birth is the starting point on the journey of life and much like the “you are here” on a map, will show the open roads and steep mountain ascents that lay ahead.  Using the legend of astrological principals, we will outline the terrain during particular sequences of time, as karma gives its results with varying levels of intensity and duration.

We can assess what kinds of experiences take center stage during a particular period of time, whether they be related to relationship, business start up, education, travel,  etc.

We can identify geographical locations that will support or hinder you in your actions.

We can set times for the beginnings of endeavors, whether they be the precise moment to send applications for university, the launch of a business, or the ceremony of marriage.

We can help you understand your relationship to those around you, and thereby facilitate conscious living.

We can help you navigate your life, so there is no need to wander.

“Whatever is here (in the individual), is there (in the cosmos). Whatever is there (in the cosmos), is here (in the individual). The one who does not recognize this, wanders from end to end.”

-Kaṭha Upaniṣad, iv 10

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