Ayurveda Services

Ayurvedic Massage

This is a masterful massage and bodywork treatment that will help you feel better in your body. Abhyanga, a firm and flowing massage style, is combined with marma point therapy (vital energy point stimulation) to deeply relax and re-integrate the body-mind-sense complex. Hand crafted warm Ayurvedic herbal oils soothe vāta dosha, balancing the body’s tissues and sensory perception. This treatment may also include sound healing and color lamp therapy.

90 min $180/ 108 min $ 250

Ayurvedic Massage with Shirodhara

This treatment begins with an Ayurvedic massage and culminates in Shirodhara. Absolute Bliss.

120 min/$300


Shirodhara syncs the mind and body into a meditation of profound tranquility. It is an ancient therapy which uses a regulated and constant pouring of liquid onto the forehead and scalp to induce deep relaxation and stress recovery. Excellent for relieving head, neck, and jaw tension, it is also proven to induce THETA brain waves as found in deep meditation.

Treatments can be weekly over a period of 3-7 weeks to initiate the transformation of an agitated mind into one of greater peace and calm.

90 min/ $200

Panchakarma therapies- Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Are you ready to be nourished on all levels of your being? Ayurvedic rejuvenation will bring you to a deep level of healing, with therapies that cleanse and restore vitality to the entire body-mind-sense complex.

The session begins with abhayanga and marma point massage followed by incubation in herbal steam. It then culminates in the meditative and blissful experience of shirodhara, nasya, and netra bindhu.

For the day of rejuvenation we offer an herbal preparation to encourage the release of impurities through the digestion, as well as an ayurvedic meal for the afternoon to follow. Traditionally, these treatments are synchronized and repeated each day over a period of 7-15 days to bring one to a progressively deeper healing space. Key times for healing are spring and fall. Individualized treatment plans are formatted prior to the beginning of a 7 day rejuvenation. Other ayurvedic specialty treatments may be incorporated as well as per individual needs (basti, pinda svedana, karna purana, tan mātra therapies, etc.). A single day of rejuvenation is also a wonderful gift for a loved one.

Treatment plans vary in price. Please email us for pricing/scheduling Panchakarma at deshaencinitas@gmail.com

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Are you interested in an ayurvedic lifestyle? Sustained wellness? Wondering what foods and herbs suit you best this season? Here, we assess your constitution as relative to your current state of health to arrive at a holistic understanding of you in the context of your life. We will then outline daily and seasonal practices to support digestion, immunity, and emotional security. This type of consultation may include dietary recommendations, herbs, and initiation into mind-body integration techniques.

Initial consult $200 *may be combined with a Jyotisha reading

Panchakarma Assessment and Planning

This assessment is where we outline a schedule of appropriate panchakarma therapies to deeply affect health and well being. We will decipher your constitution, time panchakarma therapies, meal plan, and formulate the timing for herbal rejuvenation. We offer a number of panchakarma schedules and price points. Please see more about the various methods of panchakarma on our “Panchakarma” page.

Initial consult $200

For scheduling services, please call 760-237-8690