Acupuncture, Bodywork and Massage


An ancient technique using small needles to shift patterns in the body’s network of fascia, musculature, and bio-electrical energy system; acupuncture is effective for treating conditions such as insomnia, poor digestion, chronic pain, stress, and fatigue.

60 min/$120  *can also be combined with a massage 90 min/$200

Orthopedic Bodywork & Massage

This is a masterful bodywork and massage treatment that focuses on opening areas of blockage and stagnation to help you feel better in your body. This style can help bring you back into a comfortable posture, resolving adhesions and scar tissue that form from desk work, repetitive uses activities, and workout strains. Treatments are customized and may include deep tissue and other orthopedic techniques as well as include a full range of fantastic herbal oils and liniments.

60 min/ $120 90 min/$170 108 min/$200

Customized Ayurvedic Massage

This is a nourishing massage and bodywork treatment that is customized to your constitution. Abhyanga, a firm and flowing massage style, is combined with marma point therapy (vital energy point stimulation) to deeply relax and re-integrate the body-mind-sense complex. Hand crafted warm Ayurvedic herbal oils soothe vāta dosha, balancing the body’s tissues and sensory perception. This treatment may also include sound healing with crystal bowls and tuning forks, and color lamp therapy (tan matra therapies).

90 min $180/ 108 min $ 220

Ayurvedic Hot Stone Massage

This is a warm, flowing, and deeply relaxing treatment. Warm stones are used to rhythmically massage muscles. Special attention is paid to areas prone to cold stagnation and stiffness (like the low back and hips). Treatments include hand made Ayurvedic oils specific to your needs.

108 min/$250

Ayurvedic Massage with Steam Therapy and Lymph Drainage

Here herbal oils soothe and nurture the body’s tissue, releasing areas of stress and tension, while lymphatic drainage points are activated using gua sha and brushing techniques in the direction of the body’s vital channels. The treatment then culminates in steam therapy using our therapeutic steam cabinet. Steam therapy is wonderful for detoxifying the lymphatic system as well as relieving joint pain.

108 min/$250