Vāstu-  Dwelling with Purpose

Determining the Arrangement of Space

Our lives form from a compilation of experiences defined much by our actions. Our actions in turn exert their potential amid a sea of interconnected people and places. Moving within a connected whole, we are constantly relating to and within an environment, be it to our messy bedroom or the fight we just had in the kitchen. We relate on a stage, its influence on us connected, subtle, and deep. Like a magnet enlivening iron shavings, it can make us dance within a zone of certain possibilities,  for better or worse. At best, do you and I live in a state of everyday bliss wherein our relationships and environments are artfully brought together and fully reflecting that light from within. If not, Vāstu offers a powerful remedy that can transform your life.

Vāstu is India’s tradition of conscious spatial orientation and arrangement. With its tenants, we evaluate to determine the best arrangement of a space for an individual or family, that all may find ease in relationship and success in every avenue of life by creating a living/working space that is both functional and in alignment with the larger order of our cosmos.  Function here is defined as unique to the individual. Just as each of us has a unique purpose or dharma that we pursue in life, so do we require that our space accommodate and support those activities related to just that purpose. In our space do we forge a creativity of the spirit.

The Secret Pathways of Prana

Vāstu’s directional and geometric principals shed light on large and small concerns alike; from exactly where on a property to build, to specific placements of furniture and ornament. In development,  Vāstu guides the design of a structure to harmonize its shapes with the larger universal arrangement (i.e. natural features of land and slope, wind patterns, solar rays, heavenly bodies, and cardinal/magnetic directions, etc.). In already standing homes,  Vāstu guides how to attune any underutilized  space with latent possibilities in the larger landscape, enlivening a space that has become stagnant or healing a space that has been energetically blocked.

Vāstu defines earth’s prānic energy currents by way of the positioning and movement of our planet through space and time. The placement of objects can embrace or shun these vital currents as they relate to the sun and heavenly bodies. In fact, many natural phenomenon derive their very features from this positioning – think of the cooler northern shade of a mountain with its relatively moister and luscious landscape versus the southern slope parched by the high noon sun. Depending on your location and lifestyle, specific utilization of these prānic currents becomes noteworthy and can greatly support your life path.

On-Site Evaluation and Remedy

As a remedy, Vāstu can initiate a massive reorientation to the larger order by way of….

  • object re-positioning/ use of specific geometric patterns
  • shape/color/landscaping suggestions
  • remodeling suggestions/ re-defining property lines
  • interpretation of the vital energy potential of a space as it relates to an individual or family and what kinds of results to expect over time

As Vāstu practitioners we define the directions and geometrical patterns that can support success and energetic ease. A change in orientation can reflect a resultant change in the opportunities and even events in one’s life. As we are connected to a larger whole, so can we tap into a larger current of support.

During a Vāstu consultation, we perform an on-site analysis of your property, home, or business and measure for calculations. Using ancient techniques, we then evaluate our calculations alongside your Jyotisha birth chart to see exactly how you, or your family/business associates will fair in a certain place. No two people have exactly the same experience of a space, just as each of us has our own unique chart and distinctive path in life. With this knowledge, we can then determine the favorability of a space as well as predict dynamics for those who occupy it, singly or as a group. We can suggest remedies.

A follow-up meeting is then scheduled to put in order of importance strategies for spatial enlivenment and utilization. This type of consult is very useful if you are thinking of doing some remodeling to improve the value of your home and need guidance with where to start, are interested in buying a particular home, or are looking to activate your space to support creativity, relationships, financial gain, health, or even spiritual practices.